4 Rules for a Healthy Aeration System

healthy pond aeration systemsA healthy aeration system in your lake, pond, marina, canal or reservoir helps maintain the balance of oxygen and nutrients. Plants, fish and other living organisms need oxygen to survive. Problems that occur in waterbodies are often associated with a lack of oxygen where it is needed. These issues include algae and aquatic weeds, fish kills, poor water clarity, midge fly swarms, foul odors and bottom muck.

Lake and pond aeration systems are an effective method of adding oxygen and circulating the entire water column when installed properly and regularly maintained. Follow these guidelines to keep your waterbody healthier for years to come.

1. Powering Your Pond or Lake Aeration System

Aeration systems run on electricity. For systems powered by solar or wind and stored batteries, follow the guidelines in your owner’s manual. Otherwise, to ensure proper installation we highly recommend you hire a professional. Electricians and qualified, experienced installers follow all National Electric Code 682 and local codes.

These are important rules to comply with:

2. Aeration System Placement

Where you place the system depends on many factors around your property and the water you are aerating. Choosing the best location requires understanding your environment.

3. Protecting and Camouflaging Aeration Cabinets

healthy aeration system cabinetWhether you are dealing with environmental issues like airborne dirt or aesthetic ones around you property, there are some rules to follow to safely camouflage the cabinet and suggestions to do it correctly.

4. Maintain Your Aeration System

For all equipment, from appliances to HVAC, the two most important things to do once you start using it are to check it regularly for signs of problems that may pop up and follow a regular maintenance schedule as outlined in your owner’s manual.

Whether you follow these recommendations yourself or hire a professional, properly installed and maintained lake or pond aeration systems should keep your waterbody healthier for years to come and protect your warranty.

Keep Your Lake or Pond Aeration System Healthy


Vertex Aquatic Solutions, founded in 1977, is the professionals’ choice for research based scientific consulting services, aeration systems, floating fountains, bubble curtains and biological products to enhance water quality in lakes, ponds, canals, marinas and reservoirs. As respected leaders in the lake management industry the Vertex team of aquatic biologists, limnologists, fisheries scientists and engineers work together to deliver science-based, environmentally sound solutions to complex waterbody issues. Our products and services are delivered through an international network of qualified, experienced waterbody professionals who provide local support, service and pond management expertise to customers.

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