Aeration Eliminates Accumulated Sediment

sediment reduced in east twin lake

A community project at East Twin Lake in Michigan removed over 90 dangerous timbers from the lake. Once cleared, the levels of sediment were noticeable. Aeration came to the aid of our upper lake. Residents were not satisfied that their lake had filled with unsightly and increasing sediment.

East Twin is a relatively shallow lake. Depths range four to eight feet. The lake bottom is primarily a hard sandy surface. During a period of low water levels, the high sediment level at the western end of the lake became more prominent. The sediment occupied as much as six of the eight feet of depth in many locations. These levels were unacceptable to boaters, water enthusiasts, and fishing aficionados. The problem area is located at the western end of the lake. This area consists of 160 acres of surface area. An existing island and a sand bar, which traverses from the island to the northern shoreline, roughly contains it.

“How could we rid our lake of this unacceptable sediment? Eight Vertex Air3 XL4 Aeration Systems were installed by TriCounty Aquatics throughout the cove at the west end of the lake.” – Twin Lakes POA

Sediment Greatly Reduced – Observations at the 10 Year 

The average muck depth has gone from approximately 4.3ft to 1.5ft over the past ten years; giving a yearly average reduction of 3.36″. However, most of this reduction occurred within the first 6 years after the installation of aeration. Average muck levels have stabilized.

For more detailed information, download the full case study.

Is Your Lake Filling Up with Sediments?


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