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Schoolhouse-Ministers Pond Aeration Installation

This Vertex  aeration installation done by the professionals at SOLitude Lake Management in the Town of Eastham, MA is phase two of a larger project that includes Hydro-Raking and Alum treatment in Eastham, MA. Mike Didier of SOLitude was interviewed by Jane Crowley from the Eastham Health Department.   SOLitude Lake Management (508) 885-0101... Read More
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Control Harmful Algae Blooms

By Patrick Goodwin, Certified Lake Manager and Aquatic Research Scientist Nutrient over-enrichment of waters by urban, agricultural, and industrial development has promoted the growth of cyanobacteria as harmful algae blooms (HABs). These blooms increase the turbidity of waterbodies which can smother aquatic plants and limit invertebrate and fish habitats. The die-off of blooms may deplete... Read More
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Aeration Reduces Aquatic Midge Fly Habitat

Hibbs Grove, a residential housing development located in Cooper City, FL experienced an ongoing outbreak of swarming non-biting midge flies. These swarms prevented them from enjoying their lakefront property. The 6.5 acre lake has an average center depth of 22 feet. Shaped like the capital letter “E”, it is located in the middle of the... Read More
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6 Steps for Pond and Lake Aeration System Maintenance

How important is aeration system maintenance? A question everyone asks when making a large purchase is “How long will it last?” A Vertex lake, pond, marina, canal, or reservoir aeration system is no different. And, like all equipment, it will do its job well for years to come so long as regular maintenance is performed,... Read More
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Art vs Science When Managing Lakes & Ponds

By Patrick Goodwin, Certified Lake Manager and Aquatic Research Scientist Why should you use science when managing lakes? You might have heard the saying; lake management is 90% art and 10% science. There seems to be a lot of truth to this statement. Many decisions and recommendations for lakes and ponds are made by intuition,... Read More
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