Winter Aeration

Aeration for Pond or Lake Dock De-icing

Dock de-icing is important for property owners with ponds or lakes that freeze in the winter. Docks and boats face the real possibility of severe ice damage when the water is not kept open. Just because there may have been a mild winter occasionally in recent years, doesn’t mean there will be one this year.... Read More
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Winter Fish Kill Prevention

As a pond or lake freezes, a winter fish kill can happen as diffusion of oxygen from the air above is cut off. If snow builds up on the ice, or the ice becomes hazy, light can’t penetrate the ice. This cuts off the production of oxygen by plants as well. Bacteria consume oxygen as... Read More
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5 Reasons to Begin Pond or Lake Aeration in the Fall

Not everyone thinks about the benefits of pond and lake aeration in the fall. But, healthy waterbodies need proper levels of oxygen and circulation throughout the entire year. Installing a pond aeration system now can help prevent common water quality problems from occurring in the coming winter and spring months. Our top 5 reasons for... Read More
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