5 Reasons to Begin Pond or Lake Aeration in the Fall

Not everyone thinks about the benefits of pond and lake aeration in the fall. But, healthy waterbodies need proper levels of oxygen and circulation throughout the entire year. Installing a pond aeration system now can help prevent common water quality problems from occurring in the coming winter and spring months. Our top 5 reasons for introducing a Vertex bottom-diffused aeration system in your lake or pond this fall season are:

  1. Prevent nutrient pollution

    leaves need fall aeration

    Leaves on the trees turn beautiful colors in autumn, but they often fill our lakes and ponds as they fall. As the organic materials break down, they create undesirable muck and sediment composed of excess nutrients. In turn, this process contributes to the development of poor water quality conditions, bad odors and algae blooms – some of which can contain toxins. Introducing oxygen with bottom diffused aerators can help prevent these conditions. Dissolved oxygen helps create balanced water quality conditions that are less likely to fuel nuisance algae and other problems. When used consistently, aeration can help maintain balanced water quality year-round.

  2. Help prevent winter fish kills

    As the days grow shorter, algae and plants that rely on photosynthesis begin producing less oxygen. And when a lake or pond freezes, sunlight and the diffusion of oxygen from the air above are cut off. This creates “layers” of varying temperatures and dissolved oxygen concentrations. Fish require dissolved oxygen to survive, and as these levels drop fish kills are more likely to occur. Aeration systems help circulate oxygen-rich water, reduce layers devoid of oxygen and prevent ice formation, minimizing the risk of winter fish kills. Proper placement of these systems is crucial, so it’s important to consult with a lake and pond management professional.

  3. Keep ice open for waterfowl and other wildlife

    When aeration disrupts the formation of ice, it will allow for more open water to attract waterfowl and other wildlife, breaking up the sometimes bleakness of winter and breathing moments of life back into the season. These open areas of water also serve as an escape path for bursts of toxic gases from the anoxic sediment below, which would otherwise be trapped under the ice. While this is important for all lakes and ponds, shallow ponds often benefit the most.

  4. Protect docks from ice damage

    winter dock with aerationWhen temperatures drop low enough to freeze over lakes and ponds, docks and boats face the real possibility of severe ice damage. Ice can shift over the course of the season, resulting in:

    • Expensive Expansion Damage: Ice thickens as it expands outward. This can damage the dock by exerting high amounts of pressure between neighboring pilings, forcing them further apart.
    • Jacking/lifting damage: When water levels below the ice fluctuate, it pushes the ice that has attached to your boat or dock upward. This upward movement can loosen or completely remove even the deepest set pilings.
  5. Maintain balanced water quality in warmer climates

    Not all regions are impacted by freezing temperatures in the fall and winter. Warmer climates often experience drier weather that leads to evaporation and the concentration of nutrients in the water column. Introducing oxygen and circulation will help keep the water quality in balance.

Every pond has individual needs. Your local lake and pond management professionals can help you identify the best aeration solution for your particular waterbody.

Get Aeration Before Fall Turns to Winter


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