Aeration for Pond or Lake Dock De-icing

dock de-icing with aerationDock de-icing is important for property owners with ponds or lakes that freeze in the winter. Docks and boats face the real possibility of severe ice damage when the water is not kept open. Just because there may have been a mild winter occasionally in recent years, doesn’t mean there will be one this year.

Why Dock De-icing Matters

As surface waters freeze around docks and boats, concerned owners begin to worry and wonder if they will be lucky again this year. Don’t leave the chance of severe ice damage to your boat or dock to Mother Nature. Prevent it!

Ice has a tendency to shift over the course of the season. Shifting ice around your dock or boat can cause a few different types of damage.

Jacking/lifting damage
When water levels below the ice fluctuate it pushes the ice that has attached to your boat or dock upward. This upward movement can loosen, or even completely remove even deep set pilings.

Expansion Damage
Ice as it thickens as it expands outward. This can cause damage by exerting high amounts of pressure between neighboring pilings, forcing them further apart and damaging the dock. Ice damage to docks and boats is expensive to repair.

As temperatures start to significantly cool off in the fall, you should start to consider the options available to you for the winter months.

The choice is yours to protect your dock or boat:

Rapid and severe cold snaps can happen without much warning at all, and cause your pond or lake to freeze over much sooner than anticipated. It is always better to be prepared, and much easier to install a system before it gets too cold.

Get an Aeration System Installed Now.


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