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Micro-Lyfe Biological Pond Restoration Products

A healthy lake is clear, odor free, and has a balance of wildlife and plants. A lake in distress is often lacking in the necessary bacteria and enzymes to breakdown the organic materials that enter the water, and has nutrient levels that are too high or too low. The Micro-Lyfe family of biological pond and lake products were developed to restore your lakes biology and bring it back to a healthy balance.

Find the right product to restore your lake or pond

Blue Power

Micro-Lyfe Blue Power

lake with blue dye addedDoes light penetrate all the way to the bottom of your lake causing algae to bloom?  Blue Power can improve common  problems with a unique combination of dye and enzymes. The amylase enzymes aid in the digestion of organic wastes as plant matter decomposes. You can adjust color intensity by adding more or less dye. Once diluted, dye will not stain fish, swimmers, concrete, or rocks.

Blue Power:

  • Safely colors water an appealing shade of blue
  • Blocks out photosynthetic light wavelengths
  • Amylase enzymes help in the digestion of organic wastes
  • Mixes throughout the waterbody in a few hours
  • Diluted product will not stain birds, fish, or most concrete or pond rocks
  • Safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life with no restrictions



Micro-Lyfe Concentrate

murky lake water needing biological pond productsDoes your lake smell? Is muck build-up reducing the depth of your lake? Concentrate is an economical solution to your basic bioaugmentation needs. Choose this ultra-concentrated culture of 4 spore-forming bacteria to reduce the buildup of sludge and odor while speeding the removal of harmful ammonia and nitrite. Every gallon of Micro-Lyfe Concentrate contains 12 trillion microorganisms!


  • Contains unique phototrophic bacteria that gain energy from sunlight
  • Is super concentrated with 12 thousand billion microorganisms per gallon
  • Accelerates nitrogen cycling reducing toxic ammonia and nitrite levels
  • Helps control organic matter and sludge buildup
  • Has a different blend of bacteria than Micro-Lyfe Complete
  • Is very affordable utilizing a cost effective monthly application



Micro-Lyfe Complete

pond close-up with plantsDoes your lake have high nitrogen, including nitrates and low oxygen in the bottom waters? Complete is our advanced bacterial product with photosynthetic purple sulfur bacteria. Complete works in aerobic, anaerobic, or anoxic conditions to digest the most difficult compounds. It is one of the few bacterial products capable of converting nitrates to nitrogen gas.


  • Unique phototrophic bacteria that gain energy from sunlight
  • Autotrophic bacteria reduces dissolved carbon dioxide and controls pH
  • Heterotrophic bacteria metabolizes suspended organic matter and sludge
  • Purple sulfur cultures reduce nitrate levels by de-nitrification
  • Chemotrophic bacteria oxidizes difficult chemical compounds
  • Live vegetative cultures with anaerobic, aerobic and facultative species


Sludge Clear

Micro-Lyfe Sludge Clear

leaves in a lakeIs muck-reduction your number one lake improvement priority? Sludge Clear is used with either the Complete or Concentrate products to accelerate the breakdown of muck and binds excessive nutrients, resulting in improved water clarity. This biological stimulant will enhance the muck and nutrient reduction properties of our other microbiology products, especially in warm-water.

Sludge Clear:

  • Enhances and speeds up bottom sludge and muck reduction
  • Reduces foul odors when used with Micro-Lyfe Complete, Concentrate or Digester
  • Binds excessive nutrients including phosphates
  • Cationic charge binds with suspended solids improving clarity
  • Works fastest in warm water conditions
  • Helps improve pond clarity – 100% active ingredients
  • Disperses quickly and is Bio-degradable



Micro-Lyfe Digester

leafy lakeIs your lake is receiving a lot of leaves, needles, or other plant material? Digester contains spore-based bacteria and enzymes in water soluble packets for mess-free ease of use. This consortium is specially formulated to biodegrade hard-to-digest plant material like leaves. If you have trees surrounding your lake, you should be tossing in packets of Micro-Lyfe Digester as part of your water management program.


  • Metabolizes and reduces bottom organic detritus
  • For sediments with high levels of leafy and woody plant material
  • Contains cellulase enzymes for digesting difficult lignins
  • 1,362 billion sludge degrading bacteria per pound
  • Water soluble packets for year round, no-mess application
  • For tree-lined ponds, Digester works best when used with Micro-Lyfe Complete, Concentrate, or Sludge Clear


Benefits of using Aeration with Micro-Lyfe Biological Pond and Lake Products

Bioaugmentation and aeration were made for each other. Aeration and water circulation enhance the natural bacterial metabolism of muck and other organic materials in a lake. By supplementing with additional types of bacteria and accelerating enzymes, you speed the nutrient, muck, and odor reduction benefits of aeration. Since many of these beneficial bacteria require oxygen to perform at an optimal level, aeration will allow you to use less product to achieve the same strength of effectiveness thereby reducing your treatment cost.

It’s Time to Get Your Pond or Lake in Balance