Water Quality Product Lines

Solutions for a healthier more enjoyable waterbody

Product Lines for Ponds, Lakes, Reservoirs Canals and Marinas

Our water quality product lines are designed to give customers of all sized waterbodies, from ponds and lakes to reservoirs, canals and marina’s, the options they need for integrated management plans.

Pond and Lake Aeration

Problems in ponds, lakes, canals, marinas and reservoirs are often due to stratification and low oxygen. These problems include bottom muck, high nutrients, excessive plant and algae growth and odors. Vertex advanced aeration oxygenates with tiny bubbles that form an ultra-wide column of upward moving water, “turning the pond over” and allowing oxygen to be absorbed at the surface to eliminate these problems. Learn more.

vertex pond and lake aeration product lines


vertex fountain line

Lake Fountains

Healthy ponds and lakes are a source of natural beauty and enjoyment for everyone to enjoy. Adding the drama and beauty of a floating lake fountain greatly improves property values to make your lakes stand out from the rest. Whether your lake is part of a residential community, a park, a golf course, or a commercial property, a custom built floating fountain from Vertex will ensure that your lake stands out from the crowd. Learn more.


Bubble Curtains

Wind and water currents drive floating weeds and debris into canals and marinas where they become trapped and decompose. Once attractive marinas and canals become an eyesore, fisheries and recreational activities decline, hydrogen sulfide odors persist, bottom muck accumulates, and real estate values drop. Vertex bubble curtains provide a simple, effective, inexpensive and environmentally safe solution. Learn more.

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Bioaugmentation Product Line

Every pond or lake can present its own unique set of issues to deal with from nutrient overload to unpleasant odors and an overabundance of algae. When problems go untreated for too long, aeration alone may not be the best treatment plan. Our safe, natural line of biological pond products have been developed to work alone or with aeration as part of a management plan to help restore your ponds optimal health and beauty. Learn more.