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Custom Lake Fountain Solutions

To design a custom lake fountain for your project, we look at all of the following:

fountain from aboveSize: We design the size of your lake fountain in relation to the size of the lake. Large lake fountains can dominate the view  and pose problems in a small waterbody including overspray and erosion. Undersized units leave customers “underwhelmed”. They may wonder if the water feature makes any positive impact on the project.

Position: Line-of-sight issues are taken into consideration when we design a lake fountain. This includes the position of the fountain in relation to the surroundings (buildings, entrance signage, obvious viewing points, etc.) and the shape of the lake.

Wind Resistance: Lake fountains with delicate, arching displays are popular for many projects. But, they are not a good idea where wind is consistently present or when the fountain is in close proximity to people. Heavier water with larger diameter jets are more wind resistant and best suited to keep misting to a minimum.

Fountain Sound: Heavy water displays provide the sound of falling water to enhance the environment. They do this by blocking out heavy traffic or other ambient noises. When sound is not desired, such as places where people gather to converse, a more delicate floating fountain display may be a better choice.

Custom Options: Wind sensors will drop the fountain display on a windy day and automatically reset when conditions return to normal. Fountain lighting systems can be made to change color. Multiple fountains in one lake can be controlled by a single master panel. Fountain displays can be modified. Choosing all the options that will work best for your property takes experience.

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