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Dealers and Customers Recommend Vertex

It’s easy for any company to say “we are the best” but we’d rather let our dealer and customer testimonials speak for us. Vertex dealers and customers like you with ponds and lakes of their own have great things to say about our products and customer service. In the end, satisfied customers are our passion.

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Thank you for your response with replacement of the manifold for my aerator. I was some what surprised to see the box on the door step Friday morning. Nice to see some companies do stand behind their equipment. I replaced it that day and it works just fine.

Randy Heurkens
Vertex Customer

Mark Litwiler

“Becoming a Vertex dealer was one of the easier decisions that I’ve made.”

Mark Litwiler
Ponds Rx

Bruce Condello

“The Vertex Aeration System was an extremely good investment. I haven’t had any more stressed or dying fish!”

Bruce Condello
President/Co-creator of Big Bluegill, Field advisory staff & web moderator of Pond Boss magazine

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“We installed a Vertex aeration system and made it through a terrible hot summer without one dead fish.”

John Autry
Texas Pond Owner

Ryan Freeze

“I installed my Vertex System 5 years ago. It’s quiet, and it has been 100% reliable. My pond looks great and my fish are happy and healthy.”

Ryan Freeze
Vertex Aeration Owner in Plain City, Ohio

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“Thank you for getting our fountain repaired. Scott Gardner was awesome! Very personable, kept me updated with the progress of the fountain repair and did an overall great job.”

Andrea Consiglieri
CAM Solero at Plantation

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“With our Vertex aeration system, lake maintenance costs have dropped by 60% and the health has improved significantly.”

John Williams
Maintenance & Resident, Lakewood Hills