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Aeration System Warranty Information

The aeration system warranty period is based on the date of receipt. Air filters and compressor maintenance kits are wearable parts and not covered under this warranty.

The customer is responsible for return shipping of any goods for warranty inspection by Vertex Aquatic Solutions. After inspection, if the product shows manufacturing defect, Vertex will replace or repair it at no cost to the customer. Should inspection indicate non-warranty failure (incorrect voltage, faulty installation procedures, vandalism, customer negligence, etc.) warranty will be voided. Painting the cabinet will cause the internal components to overheat and void the warranty.

The warranty period for all warranty work is equal to the remaining time period of the original new equipment warranty. Warranty claims are based on the date you notify your dealer or Vertex Aquatic Solutions at 844-432-4303. All claims must be made to Vertex Aquatic Solutions or an Authorized Dealer.

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