Aeration Mapping and Design

Designing your system for maximum efficiency

Aeration System Design for maximum efficiency

Several factors determine the optimal aeration system design for a given body of water. The experts at Vertex are committed to helping you obtain all of the ecological benefits of aeration for your pond, lake, marina, canal or reservoir. We strive to ensure your system is the best possible price and with the lowest energy and maintenance costs to last for years to come.

Design Parameters

The best aeration system design to achieve consistent oxygen levels throughout the entire water body is based on looking at all of these variables together.

  • Water Depth: There is never a single depth to a body of water. Some are shallow throughout while others have areas that are deep. Vertex will look at the range of depths in order to create the right column of water for the best turnover rate.
  • Shape: Is it sort of round or square, or have ‘fingers’ sticking out all over? The shape is often what determines the number of AirStations needed to ensure the entire pond or lake is getting the full effect of oxygenation.
  • Acreage: Correctly aeration system design will take into account the total size of your pond or lake.
  • Power source: Standard systems require power to be close to the water’s edge. If your power source is farther away, Vertex has a Remote Valve Box option that is more cost effective than moving electricity.
  • Noise: Aeration cabinets are similar to home AC units in the amount of noise generated. If the cabinet must be placed where even this level of noise is too much, Vertex has a Sound Kit option to reduce the sound even more.

Lifting Rates

Air Flow = 1.0 CFM (cubic feet per minute) per disk

Lifting rate data represents total water flow as recorded in both independent testing and real world data collected by Vertex from installed pond aeration systems. Lifting rate varies significantly by air flow, water depth and other factors. XL8 data extrapolated from XL5 data.

aeration system design lift rate chart by gallons per minute

Same Acreage, Different Systems

0.9 Surface Acres
aeration system design for pondVertex Air 3 XL2SW System
954,019 gallons
3 AirStations
Md ½ HP Cabinet
3.2 System PSI
aeration system design for small pondVertex Air 1+ XL2 VBS System
1,948,735 gallons
2 AirStations
Sm ¹⁄3 HP Cabinet
Remote Valve Box
5.2 System PSI


3.3 Surface Acres
aeration system design for larger pondVertex Air 5 XL2SW VBS Systems
4,744,574 gallons
5 XL2SW AirStations
Lg 1 HP Cabinet
Remote Valve Box
6.4 System PSI
Vertex High Flow 3 XL5 VBS System
9,885,198 gallons
3 XL5 Airstations
Lg HF 1 ½ HP Cabinet
Remote Valve Box
9.0 System PSI


12 Surface Acres
Vertex High Flow 4 XL5 System
22,461,299 gallons
4 XL5 AirStations
Lg HF 1 ½ HP Cabinet
11.1 System PSI
aeration system design for lakeVertex Custom High Flow 3 XL5/2 XL2 System
29,462,312 gallons
3 XL5/2 XL2 Airstations
Lg HF 1 ½ HP Cabinet
10.8 System PSI


Over 50 Surface Acres
large lake aeration system design2 Vertex Large Lake 8 XL5 VBS Systems
128,711,217 gallons
16 XL5 Airstations
2 Lg Lake 3HP Cabinets
Remote Valve Box
16.6 System PSI
6 Vertex High Flow 6 XL5 Systems
57 surface acres – 509,300,503 gallons
36 XL5 AirStations
6 Lg HF 1 ½ HP Cabinets
20.9 System PSI



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