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Welcome! After 25+ Years as Vertex Water Features we are officially Vertex Aquatic Solutions.
The rebranding was inspired by the expansion of our science driven product lines that now include aeration systems, floating fountains, bubble curtains, biological products and high level water quality consulting services. Learn more

The Vertex Advantage – Experts in Water Quality

Vertex Aquatic Solutions, previously Vertex Water Features, designs and manufactures the highest quality pond and lake products including aquatic aeration, fountain, weed bubble curtains and water enhancement products. Our team of aquatic biologists, research and fisheries scientists and engineers work together to deliver environmentally sound solutions to the most difficult pond and lake issues. To ensure you get the best results we offer our network of dealers high-level consulting on optimal oxygenation and lake management. Superior materials, advanced engineering and attention to detail ensure our pond and lake products are built for rugged dependability.

Our in-house consulting team and international network of qualified, experienced distributors provide you the local support, service and pond management expertise you want and need.

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“I installed my Vertex System 5 years ago. It’s quiet, and it has been 100% reliable. My pond looks great and my fish are happy and healthy.”

Ryan Freeze
Ryan Freeze Vertex Aeration Owner in Plain City, Ohio
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Vertex Aquatic Solutions
Vertex Aquatic Solutions1 year ago
Why should you use science when managing lakes?

Science allows us to make informed decisions and offer ideal solutions for our clients.

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Vertex Aquatic Solutions
Vertex Aquatic Solutions1 year ago
With a combination of monumental heights, graceful arches and superior wind resistance, the AerationJet floating fountain is the ideal overall water feature.

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