Lake or Pond Stratification

Stop Pond and Lake Odors at the Source

Properly Sized Aeration Eliminates the Rotten Egg Reek -By Dr. Josette La Hée, Senior Environmental Research Consultant Have you noticed pond or lake odors that smell like rotten eggs? When there is plenty of oxygen in your pond either naturally or from a properly sized aeration system, anaerobic bacteria will step in and breakdown the organic material. But,... Read More
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Oxygen Debt in Your Lake or Pond

Oxygen debt is the difference between the amount of oxygen your lake or pond needs each day to stay in balance vs what it has. When your dissolved oxygen meter reads 0 mg/L, we know there is a problem. Unfortunately, a meter cannot tell you how much oxygen debt the lake is in. Oxygen meters... Read More
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Seasonal Changes in Ponds and Lakes

Seasonal changes to waterbodies are generally defined by precipitation and temperature patterns during different times of the year. The way we experience seasons varies greatly depending on our location. However, lakes and ponds commonly respond in similar ways to the same ecological inputs. Tropical areas experience rainfall patterns similar to the seasonal changes that impact... Read More
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Heron Cay Lake Destratified with Aeration

Heron Cay, a high-end gated residential development in South Florida, experienced a number of problems in their 21-acre lake. The lake needed to be destratified due to severely low oxygen levels at the bottom. Without beneficial bacteria to break down organics, heavy muck accumulation and foul odors were present. The lake used what little available... Read More
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Bahia Del Mar Lake Restoration Case Study

Bahia Del Mar is a 14 acre lake located in St. Petersburg, FL. The Home Owners Association contacted a local lake management company to request assistance with multiple lake issues. The lake experienced foul odors, ongoing fish kills and recurring algae blooms. Together, these symptoms pointed to the need for a full lake restoration plan... Read More
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