Heron Cay Lake Destratified with Aeration

Heron Cay Lake Destratified

Heron Cay, a high-end gated residential development in South Florida, experienced a number of problems in their 21-acre lake. The lake needed to be destratified due to severely low oxygen levels at the bottom. Without beneficial bacteria to break down organics, heavy muck accumulation and foul odors were present. The lake used what little available oxygen there was faster than it could be replenished. In addition, excessive nutrient levels from fertilizer runoff made conditions worse. The lake’s Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) was extremely high. During the hottest part of summer, Heron Cay had a very real potential for a serious fish kill.

Aeration Added to the Lake

The lake has maximum water depths of over 20 feet. To ensure efficiency, Vertex installed an aeration system consisting of 11 diffuser stations. Heron Cay was set up on a monitoring schedule to determine how lake dynamics were being affected. The results over the four month monitoring period were dramatic.

Within days of initial start-up, the four main objectives were beginning to be realized:

The residents of Heron Cay are no longer in danger of oxygen-related fish kills, odors have been eliminated and the lake is returning to natural, healthy conditions. For more detailed information, download the full case study.

“I’ve never seen the lake look better”
– Mark Sanderson, President, Heron Cay HOA

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