Floating Fountains

Heartland Church Fountain Installation

This beautiful Vertex 20hp TriGeyser fountain installation was done by by Ponds RX. The property at a property that is currently under construction. This work in process as Heartland Church realizes their dream of building a new modern campus in Fishers, IN. While many organizations might have waited until the building was completed, Heartland Church... Read More
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Pond or Lake Fountain Troubleshooting

A great additional tool to have in your toolbox is the Fluke Leakage Meter. This meter not only measures amperage, but also measures leakage to ground (mA) which is what trips GFI breakers. This greatly helps taking the guess work out when troubleshooting a fountain motor, fountain lights, and even air compressors and most of... Read More
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New Vertical Pond Fountain Product Line

Vertex is excited to present the next addition to our line of commercial floating fountains – the new Vertical Ponds Fountain Series! Extensive research and development, followed by long-term field testing are key to this new line’s benefits. Choose from 2hp, 3hp and 5hp in the three most popular models the TriTier, TwoTier and FunnelJet.... Read More
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