Heartland Church Fountain Installation

20hp TriGeyser Fountain at Heartland Church

This beautiful Vertex 20hp TriGeyser fountain installation was done by by Ponds RX. The property at a property that is currently under construction. This work in process as Heartland Church realizes their dream of building a new modern campus in Fishers, IN. While many organizations might have waited until the building was completed, Heartland Church is eager to showcase and bring attention to this beautiful property throughout the process as a beacon of hope to all who drove by.

Located at a main intersection at 126th Street and Southeastern Parkway, the new pond can be seen from many directions. However, due to it’s sitting many feet from the edge of the surface, the fountain had to have enough height to be appreciated.

Mark Litwiler, the owner of Ponds RX stated “the Vertex 20hp TriGeyser was the elegant, attention-getting focal point they were looking for.”

If you are in the area and interested in a fountain for your property go check it out!

Ponds Rx
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13044 Saxony Blvd Fishers IN 46037
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