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Are Lake and Pond Sediments Causing Algae Blooms?

The sediments in your pond or lake may be the cause of recurring or toxic algae blooms. We all know these blooms are a major source of frustration for property owners and those who manage them. Phosphorus is the nutrient that feeds these blooms, but it is not always obvious where the phosphorus is coming... Read More
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4 Rules for a Healthy Aeration System

A healthy aeration system in your lake, pond, marina, canal or reservoir helps maintain the balance of oxygen and nutrients. Plants, fish and other living organisms need oxygen to survive. Problems that occur in waterbodies are often associated with a lack of oxygen where it is needed. These issues include algae and aquatic weeds, fish... Read More
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Oxygen Debt in Your Lake or Pond

Oxygen debt is the difference between the amount of oxygen your lake or pond needs each day to stay in balance vs what it has. When your dissolved oxygen meter reads 0 mg/L, we know there is a problem. Unfortunately, a meter cannot tell you how much oxygen debt the lake is in. Oxygen meters... Read More
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