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Reduce Mosquitoes and Midge Flies Before They Swarm

Mosquitoes and midge flies are among the most annoying insects on the planet. Throughout the warmer months they seem to be everywhere, constantly buzzing in our ears and ruining our outdoor activities. Midge flies are non-biting insects known by many common names including blind mosquito and fuzzy bill. They do not bite, suck blood, or... Read More
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Reduce Algae in Golf Course Ponds with Aeration

Golf course ponds and lakes suffer from many common problems that are often made more difficult when maintaining turf to the highest standards.  Nutrient over-enrichment from constant fertilization of turf promotes the growth of algae blooms. These blooms increase the turbidity of waterbodies which can smother aquatic plants and limit invertebrate and fish habitats. The... Read More
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