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We Promote the Science of Ecologically Sound Lake Management

If your lake, reservoir, canal or marina is exhibiting problems despite your best efforts, you may need a consultation with our experts. Vertex Aquatic Solutions is not just a manufacturer, we have a full time staff of lake science and management experts. In addition to designing systems, we conduct real world research into the effectiveness of a broad range of products to promote optimal lake health. Our trained and experienced staff can put you on track to develop a scientifically-based approach to managing your water body. Anyone with a stake in aquatic resources could benefit from our high-level consulting services. Typical clients include lake management companies, engineering firms and government agencies.

Complex Aeration and Oxygenation System Design Consulting Services

Patrick Goodwin using microscopeFor most ponds and small lakes, our free design services are all you need. Have you been treating your waterbody for these symptoms and they keep recurring? Getting the right aeration system, especially for very large bodies of water, including lakes and reservoirs takes more than a few calculations. A single lake can have acres of very shallow water with a few very deep areas. In some locations, some stratification is not only acceptable, but required. A system may only need to aid parts of larger waterbodies to control specific symptoms. Our experts help you get the job done right.

Issue Based Lake Management Consulting Services

Issue-based water quality and/or Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) management plans use science and data based methodologies to bring faster results that cost less over the long term. This is most important when a larger waterbody does not respond to traditional methods of lake management.

Consulting services we offer include:

For your consulting proposal for unresolved lake or pond symptoms.