Aeration Reduces Aquatic Midge Fly Habitat

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Hibbs Grove, a residential housing development located in Cooper City, FL experienced an ongoing outbreak of swarming non-biting midge flies. These swarms prevented them from enjoying their lakefront property. The 6.5 acre lake has an average center depth of 22 feet. Shaped like the capital letter “E”, it is located in the middle of the development.

Midge fly larvae have a unique ability to survive in the presence of very low oxygen. But, most fish and other insects need a lot of oxygen. This means midge larvae are often free of competition for space and food, allowing them to dominate the bottom sediment. Thousands of adult midge flies per square meter of surface area can erupt on a nightly basis for several weeks. These swarms can cause a variety of health, safety and annoyance problems for those who reside in the area.

Plan of Action to Monitor and Control Midge Flies

To combat their swarming midge fly problem, one of our Florida Dealer  surveyed the lake and installed a Vertex aeration system. The system increased the lake’s bottom dissolved oxygen levels and create an overall healthier body of water. The Vertex aeration system provided diffused air effectively circulating the entire water column 0.76 times per day.

Midge Fly Survey

Midge Flies Habitat Eliminated with Aeration

The initial sampling data indicated an extreme infestation of midge larvae averaging 6,794 larvae/ m². This is more than six times the recognized nuisance level. After installation of the aeration system, oxygen levels increased. The accumulated organic bottom muck began to decompose. This eliminated the habitat and food source that the midge larvae depended on. The number of larvae that emerged as adult flies dramatically decreased. The oxygen rich environment brought back the fish and other aquatic insects that eat the midge larvae. Both the increased predation and competition contributed to the decrease in midge fly numbers.

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