Bubble Curtains and Aeration Together

Treasure harbor bubble curtainMany of the problems experienced in canals and marinas can be attributed to the reduced water flow in and out of these systems from the main water body. Once materials make their way in, they have difficulty getting out. Floating algae, sea grasses, dead fish and other debris take over canals and marinas.

These issues are more than an eyesore. They cause fish to decline, hydrogen sulfide odors to persist, and bottom muck to build up.

As the problems persist, marinas and surrounding businesses become far less attractive to visit. Over time, residential and commercial real estate values along canals and inlets drop. No one wants to be around smelly, unhealthy water. It’s a vicious cycle, but not one that is impossible to fix.

Bubble Curtains Help Keep Floating Plants and Garbage Out

Wind and water currents drive debris into canals and marinas. Once trapped, they decompose, releasing nutrients and foul odors. Adding a bubble curtain at the mouth of the canal, marina or inlet pushes the debris back into the ocean where it can disperse with fewer problems.

Bubble curtains work:

Add Aeration for Healthier Water

treasure harbor aerationHomeowners, boaters and the general flow of water from the outside add pollutants, organic materials and nutrients to the canal, bringing the all too familiar bad odors and algae blooms.
Introducing an aeration system will help to:

Would your marina or canal benefit from a properly sized and installed aeration system and bubble curtain?

Bubble Curtains and Aeration Work Together for Healthier Water!


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