Proactive HAB Management Starts with a Nutrient Budget

The frequency, duration, and intensity of harmful algal blooms are increasing year to year as lakes age, watersheds are developed, and climates warm. This brings great socio-economic losses and the need for better management strategies that focus on root causes (i.e., nutrients) rather than often expensive reactive management strategies. Phosphorus (P) and nitrogen (N) are the primary nutrients governing HAB issues in lakes. Therefore, the first step to any long-term Harmful Algal Bloom Management Plan starts with understanding P and N loading and the experts at Vertex are able to offer an array of issue-based Lake Management Consulting Services.

Constructing a nutrient budget that determines the total (particulate and dissolved) and active (dissolved) amounts of P and N loading from external (i.e., watershed, atmospheric, waterfowl, groundwater, etc.) and internal sources provide the framework to set nutrient loading goals appropriate to the waterbody; nutrient budgets also provide a means to identify and rank nutrient sources that contribute to HABs. From this, a cost-benefit analysis can be conducted to rank management strategies designed to meet permissible nutrient loading rates.

For example, here is a nutrient budget that was conducted for a small 18-acre eutrophic lake with seasonal HAB issues. Most of the active P and N load, causing the late summer HABs was coming from internal nutrient recycling and septic systems. From this, stakeholders now had the needed information to fix their lake. They could begin the next phase of HAB management, which is conducting a cost-benefit analysis looking at restoration strategies aimed at addressing all nutrient sources but focusing on internal and septic system loads.

Nutrient Budget

The construction of a nutrient budget and the amount of data needed will depend on the resolution required for the project. Sometimes a low-cost relative nutrient budget is all that is required in order to make a well-informed management decision. Ask us if constructing a nutrient budget is worthwhile for your lake.

HAB Management Plans Start With A Nutrient Budget!


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