Vertex Donates Aeration to Kids House

Aeration donation to Kids House Lake
SANFORD, FL: A pond aeration system donation from Vertex Aquatic Solutions has the Kids House Wildlife Pond and Garden “bubbling over”.

Improving the Pond’s Water Quality with an Aeration Donation

A local lake management company provides ongoing water quality testing and monitoring for the Kids House Children’s Advocacy Center. Vertex became aware of the need for an aeration donation for the pond from this company. Adding oxygen to the pond creates a healthy ecosystem for plants and wildlife. Solar panels supply the power to run the aeration system so that the system is cost-free to operate and earth friendly.

Kid's House entranceThis area is used by Kids House therapists to treat child clients in a nature-based setting. The addition of flowering native plants and trees around the pond attracts wildlife and beautifies the area creating a calm place for the staff to go to when they need to decompress and avoid burnout.

Kids House is a designated Certified Wildlife Garden with the National Wildlife Federation. During the dedication ceremony,  the many community partners, including Vertex, who helped to make this project a reality were honored.

The organizations 1.5 acre storm water retention pond is a work in progress. They expect continued improvements to the area will bring positive outcomes for those who use it.

To learn more about this project watch their video
For more information about Kids House and child abuse prevention visit:

About Kids House of Seminole

Kids House of Seminole, a Children’s Advocacy Center, is the single point of contact for child abuse prevention, investigation, and treatment in Seminole County. Since opening its doors in 1999, over 18,000 children have received services, medical care, advocacy, crisis intervention and mental health treatment.

The Vertex Values Program Brings Help to Non-Profit Organizations


Vertex Aquatic Solutions, founded in 1977, is the professionals’ choice for research based scientific consulting services, aeration systems, floating fountains, bubble curtains and biological products to enhance water quality in lakes, ponds, canals, marinas and reservoirs. As respected leaders in the lake management industry the Vertex team of aquatic biologists, limnologists, fisheries scientists and engineers work together to deliver science-based, environmentally sound solutions to complex waterbody issues. Our products and services are delivered through an international network of qualified, experienced waterbody professionals who provide local support, service and pond management expertise to customers.

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