Aeration Donated to Fire Ravaged Lake

State Parks and Inland Fisheries staff of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) are applauding donation of a replacement aeration system to improve water quality in Bastrop State Park pond. The wildfires that scorched most of Bastrop State Park burned the installed aeration purchased with TPWD restitution funds.

Burned Aeration Replaced Through Vertex Donation

The system installed back on Aug. 24 replaced an old system. That system de-stratified the pond for several years before it broke down. Pond de-stratification helps maintain uniform oxygen levels throughout the water column during hot summer months. Continuous mixing of the water increases suitable habitat conditions for fish and other aquatic organisms. Before the previous system was able to fully acclimate to the de-stratification cycle, the massive wildfire hit. As the fire spread, it burned the pump house, along with the newly purchased aeration system, valued at over $5,000.

Aeration donated to Bastrop State Park

Learning about the devastation caused by the Texas wildfires and the loss of the aeration system, Vertex of Pompano Beach, FL, vendors of the burned system, offered to donate a brand new system as a replacement. The company values conservation efforts and understands the role the aerators play towards this management goal. The donation of this new system should benefit the park and its fish and wildlife for years.

The new system is an upgraded model, scheduled to be installed immediately at the restored park site. Soon after the acclimation process, this system will serve in enhancing pond habitat, which is home to diverse aquatic wildlife. This exemplifies how generous contributions can have a huge impact on conservation.

Along with the aeration system donated, Vertex continues to follow up yearly. This is a part of a scientific study on bringing lakes back after natural disasters.

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