Pond and Lake Aeration

Bahia Del Mar Lake Restoration Case Study

Bahia Del Mar is a 14 acre lake located in St. Petersburg, FL. The Home Owners Association contacted a local lake management company to request assistance with multiple lake issues. The lake experienced foul odors, ongoing fish kills and recurring algae blooms. Together, these symptoms pointed to the need for a full lake restoration plan... Read More
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Vertex Donates Aeration to Kids House

SANFORD, FL: A pond aeration system donation from Vertex Aquatic Solutions has the Kids House Wildlife Pond and Garden “bubbling over”. Improving the Pond’s Water Quality with an Aeration Donation A local lake management company provides ongoing water quality testing and monitoring for the Kids House Children’s Advocacy Center. Vertex became aware of the need... Read More
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Aeration Donated to Fire Ravaged Lake

State Parks and Inland Fisheries staff of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) are applauding donation of a replacement aeration system to improve water quality in Bastrop State Park pond. The wildfires that scorched most of Bastrop State Park burned the installed aeration purchased with TPWD restitution funds. Burned Aeration Replaced Through Vertex Donation... Read More
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