Water Quality

Seasonal Changes in Ponds and Lakes

Seasonal changes to waterbodies are generally defined by precipitation and temperature patterns during different times of the year. The way we experience seasons varies greatly depending on our location. However, lakes and ponds commonly respond in similar ways to the same ecological inputs. Tropical areas experience rainfall patterns similar to the seasonal changes that impact... Read More
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Winston Park Nutrient Reduction

Winston Park is a residential community in subtropical Coconut Creek, FL. The study lake is a borrow pit and retention pond, surrounded by landscaped lawn and partially by single-family homes. Due to a reduction in oxygen during fall turnover, this lake experienced massive fish kills every fall. Vertex installed an aeration system sized for 0.8... Read More
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Bahia Del Mar Lake Restoration Case Study

Bahia Del Mar is a 14 acre lake located in St. Petersburg, FL. The Home Owners Association contacted a local lake management company to request assistance with multiple lake issues. The lake experienced foul odors, ongoing fish kills and recurring algae blooms. Together, these symptoms pointed to the need for a full lake restoration plan... Read More
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